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You can keep people safe and save lives

by donating to YWCA Rock County

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Empowering Women. Caring for Children. Saving Lives.

Life isn't always what we expect.

Sometimes it is violent. Sometimes scary.

Things happen that we would never wish for. Children are hurt, partners are abused, and people face economic and racial oppression.

The YWCA Rock County works every day to help the most vulnerable among us. Through community education, access to services, safe shelter, and advocacy, the YWCA is there to help pick up the pieces... and to help prevent them from falling in the first place.

Your gift could prevent a broken bone.

Your gift may help a child have nurturing support through the traumatic process of post-abuse forensics examinations.

Your gift can help someone feel empowered enough to seek training and a new career that will help lift them out of poverty.

Your gift will make a life-changing difference to those served by the YWCA Rock County. Please give today!